Here are some highlights of my writing across the internet, divided by topic:


Scars on the Walls: the Troubles murals of N. Ireland (Winter 2015/2016) Medium

Sowing Seeds of Social (Media) Destruction: ISIS as disruptor and political weapon (Spring 2015) The Davidson International

Rushing Reconciliation: The Day After Project (Fall 2014) The Davidson International

Lebanon: Left out of discussion, issues to come (Fall 2014) The Davidson International

The Shallow End of Egypt’s Deep State: a single toe at a time (Summer 2014) The Davidson International

Central African Republic: Resources fuel ideology (Summer 2014) The Davidson International


My writing on American militias can be found here.

Podcast: All American Militias (Spring 2018) Popular Front

An Abridged History of an Avenue in Atlanta (Fall 2016) Medium

Charles B. Aycock’s Race Violence Moment (Fall 2016) Medium

Donald J. Trump is White People’s Problem (Winter 2015/2016) Medium


2017 in Music, Movies, and Reading (Winter 2017/2018) Medium

2016 in Music, Movies, and Reading (Winter 2016/2017) Applaudience


#FloweFamilyVacation (Spring 2016) Maptia