Data Work – Examples of Visualizations and Explorations

I work very closely with data, its analyses, and the visualizations of what can be gleaned from it. Here are some examples of this published across the web.

Network Analysis

Social network analysis is a favorite tool of mine because of how illustrative it can be of the connectedness or sparseness of networks. Here are a few samples of SNA work done in Kumu for the MilitiaWatch blog. Included here are analysis-focused uses of the platform (first picture) and visualization-focused uses of the platform (second picture). Not pictured are similar studies conducted in Gephi, which isn’t included due to its primary use as an analytical tool within my workflow.

Subset of militia Zello channels, sized by degree and colored by the proportion of blocked to following accounts (dataset became part of a Guardian article regarding the storming of the US Capitol Building)

Subset of a social network analysis of actors and individuals connected to Kelly Loeffler in GA (dataset now used in a SNA teaching course at a Virginia university)

Syria Conflict Mapping Project (sample)

From 2015 through 2018 I worked as a researcher at The Carter Center’s Syria Conflict Mapping Project, where I drafted weekly and episodic reports that featured maps and other visuals. Here are some samples from that time period.

All visuals can be expanded with a click, and have a description with source links over them.

Other data-heavy pieces without major visuals: