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Mirror Awards – “John M. Higgins Award for In Depth/Enterprise Reporting” for “How Zello Became A Recruitment & Organizing Tool for the Far Right,” On the Media Produced by WNYC Studios. With Micah Loewinger, Brooke Gladstone, and Katya Rogers. [Announcement | Awards Ceremony]

GNET Year II Grant – Principal Investigator, resulting in the final report “Can the Right Meme? (And How?): A Comparative Analysis of Three Online Reactionary Meme Subcultures” for Global Network on Extremism and Technology. With Hari Prasad and David Foran.
[Announcement | Infographic]


Davidson College – “Honors in Political Science”. Completion of thesis on Syrian conflict and advanced course load. 2015.

Davidson College – “Abernethy Research Grant Award”. Completion of fieldwork in Amman, Jordan related to water politics and refugees in urban Amman. 2014.

Davidson College – “Dean Rusk Travel Grant”. Completion of advanced accelerated Arabic language training in Amman, Jordan. 2014