Website Relaunch!

Hello world (again). 

And welcome to my newly-rebooted site. I was part of The Carter Center’s Syria Conflict Mapping Project for a few years before leaving once again to attend Emory for graduate study. In that interim of work for TCC, I disabled my website because most of my work was being funneled online through official TCC channels or my personal Twitter account. 

Now that I’m now once again a full-time student, I’ve decided it’s time to re-activate my website! Unfortunately, though, my full site was erased during my time of inactivity, meaning this will all now be built once more from scratch. Bear with me as pages may be incomplete, links may be broken, and my full portfolio of work and range of activities may not be fully represented on this page for a bit.

Regardless, I’m glad you’ve found this post and I hope you’ll return when things are a bit more in order!